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FOTOGRAFIE | Thomas Billhardt in Vietnam


More than most people could cope with, the dead children in Vietnam, the starving in Bangladesh, the fear of death in the eyes of victims of war in Sarajevo. His photographs relentlessly force us to see. Every single photograph affecting us, and seen in total, should cause us to consider
the events they represent earnestly.
Thomas Billhardt’s photographs are well known the world over. His photographs having been shown in over one hundred exhibitions from Moscow to New York, as well as appearing in sixty documentaries throughout the world. The work has been published in the largest illustrated magazines, Time, Stern, Spiegel, Time Magazine and Paris much.

“The explosive nature of photography is not just attributable to the final image, but also from the circumstances under which they originate.”

Thomas has traveled to just about every crisis region of the world in the role of photo documentarian, often putting his own life in jeopardy. Stepping in to aid the weak, shaking up the indifferent, accusing those responsible – all acts which sum up Thomas Billhardt’s reputation as a photo journalist and documentarian. Since 1987 he has often represented the UNO and child welfare organization, UNICEF.

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